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To achieve more sustainable business practices, social responsibility and create new models of consumption, we must go on a journey. To understand sustainability we must understand that similar to our own economy, our planet is made up of many systems which are supported by one another. Sustainability is the solution to protecting and maintaining these systems with care and purpose.

The beauty of sustainability is that it can be applied to almost all stages of life, whether it’s supporting and advancing food systems, a community, business, or even education – there is a space for sustaining anything. It’s because of its versatile nature that it has no universal definition, and for that reason it can be defined as any and all of the following ways:

Sustainability is a process by which we reduce our harmful effects on the environment while simultaneously maximizing the benefits we can achieve to enhance it.

Sustainability is creating a system where resources are restored at a rate equal to or greater than the rate they’re consumed.

Sustainability is surviving within the means of our planet’s potential without compromising its future.

Sustainability is understanding and honoring nature’s limitations and remaining responsible in our actions to make a positive impact on the health of our planet.

Sustainability is the means  by which we ensure that the human-environment relationship is balanced in a way where our needs are met while protecting the wellbeing of future generations.

We’re uniting the sustainability movement by making it easy to search for eco brands and products, learn about the latest green trends and connect with non profits.

What is Sustainability?

The contemporary sustainability movement brings together environmental protection, social responsibility and economic practice. It requires grass roots movements, political advocacy, corporate responsibility, education and the efforts of non profits to successfully make an impact.
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