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Vertical Garden Planters, Raised Beds & Gardening Supplies

The Creation of the Wally and Living Wall Planters
Woolly Pocket began in 2008 with the hope that anyone, in any space, could enjoy gardening. Over the years, that seed of hope bloomed into a company that’s dedicated to seeing your green thumb put to use. In addition, we want to do our part to keep our planet as green and healthy as possible. That’s why our company is not only dedicated to producing the highest quality living wall planters on the market, but the greenest too. You will find all of our excellent products are also eco-friendly.

Our Wally planter pioneered the living wall movement that is so popular today. Since those days, Woolly Pocket has continued to be the leader in quality vertical and indoor gardening solutions. Whether you stick with the classic Wally planter or branch out to our newer products, we guarantee only the best and greenest gardening solutions for your space.

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