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Yoli & Otis

Ethically-Made Apparel

Our packaging is made from RECYCLED product, which uses less energy and water. By using recycled product, we are also reducing landfill which creates methane gas and other nasty air pollutants. Our textiles for carriers and accessories are ORGANIC and grown with plants free of pesticides or genetic modification protecting the environment, our farmers and your children. The standard chemical dyeing process uses over 8000 different chemicals in its various stages. Millions of children in the US receive up to 35% of their estimated lifetime dose of some carcinogenic pesticides by age five through food, contaminated drinking water, household use, and pesticide drift. Not so at Yoli and Otis. We dye our carrier and accessory fabrics using only plants & herbs, renowned for their medicinal values. All waste water and solids are then recycled back into the production process.

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