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Living in Turkey opened our eyes to the many gifted artisans and each of their very unique yet traditional, handmade specialties. After traveling to over 30 different countries we soon realized that so much of the world is unaware of Turkey’s treasures that the local people have quietly been producing and perfecting for hundreds of years. We became fascinated with the notion of how diverse regions in Turkey have their own specific set of skills and the long history and knowledge behind each artisan, their village and of course their products. Not only have they been producing quality items but they have been sustaining history, tradition while working to empower local people and small businesses; as well as being environmentally friendly with regards to their manufacturing methods. We were pleased to see how they are also working very carefully with locally sourced goods all while using only the finest materials to give their customers a more superior, natural product that is made to last. We were inspired by their passion, determination and how they so modestly yet unknowingly adhered to the standards and principles of Fairtrade. Their motivation is not done as a sales or marketing move, but instead out of the knowledge of their environment and their firm belief that production done this way is the right way for everyone. Our aim is to strengthen and promote these products by working closely with the artisans to modernize each item to meet the needs of an international and more contemporary audience. We endeavor to help them reach the whole world by presenting their community, traditions and talents for all to see. We, an aeronautical engineer, interior designer, sales executive and teacher, have come together to draw in our diverse experiences and abilities to create a company that can share these treasures with the world, all while giving something back to the local people whose passion and hard work has given us all so much.

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