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Our Story Hipcycle is the leading online store for upcycled goods. Our products are attractive, durable, and priced fairly, compared to similar mainstream items. We seek to harness the power of business to make the world a better place. As a for-profit company, our mission is to help address the global waste problem through upcycling. We search for the best in upcycled products from some of the world’s most creative small businesses and offer them all in one place. You shouldn’t have to compromise when choosing to live more sustainably. Hipcycle makes eco-friendly purchasing decisions easier for you. We offer a multitude of goods that satisfy your need for beautiful home decor while also helping the environment. Join the upcycling movement. Whether you purchase upcycled from us (yay!) or create your own (crafty!), make less trash and create more treasure. Our goal is to make the world and your home a more beautiful place. Thank you for your support. Mission: Hipcycle is an online retailer specializing in upcycled goods that are durable, stylish and priced fairly compared to similar mainstream items. We partner with some of the world’s most creative small businesses and sell their products in our online store. Our mission is to offer upcycled alternatives to traditional home decor, jewelry and fashion as a way to reduce global waste. We aim to educate consumers on the benefits of upcycling, so when given the choice, they purchase an upcycled product over selecting a new one.

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What is Sustainability?

The contemporary sustainability movement brings together environmental protection, social responsibility and economic practice. It requires grass roots movements, political advocacy, corporate responsibility, education and the efforts of non profits to successfully make an impact.
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