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Healthy for people and the planet.

ECOlunchbox was born of the idea that change can begin at lunchtime. I wanted to eliminate plastic from my kids’ lunchboxes to reduce their exposure to leachy toxins commonly found in plastics as well as do the right thing for Mother Earth. It seemed like a pretty simple concept.

So I set out to design a plastic-free line of bentos, bags and food to-go accessories that are healthy for people & planetand sell it to the world to make change lunch by lunch! Since founding ECOlunchbox as a triple-bottom-line social enterprise in 2009, the business has scaled beyond my initial vision. We’ve sold more than 400,000 ECOlunchboxes so far and each year through the use of our products the ECOlunchbox community is averting tens of millions of pieces of trash (mostly plastic) from use and disposal.

We are a mission-based social enterprise that uses the capitalist engine to educate and empower people to reduce their dependence on plastics. We design, build and put to market tools for change at lunchtime. ECOlunchbox is part of the plastic pollution solution. Whether our customers join our community (by buying our products!) because they are worried about their health, their pocketbook or the planet, it makes no difference to me. A journey towards new habits can begin anywhere.

I am delighted our products have empowered tens of thousands of families to say goodbye to plastic at lunchtime! And in providing our earth-friendly containers and accessories as tools to help people green their habits at lunchtime, we’re also opening people’s thinking to moving beyond plastic in many other parts of their lives.

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