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Green Commuter

All-electric vehicles for you to vanpool to work with a group

Green Commuter is an all-electric vanpool provider in California that combines vanpooling, car sharing and fleet replacement. This means we can make a greater environmental impact by maximizing the use of our zero-emission fleet. We use the latest technology to make sure that we can make the greatest impact and best serve your transportation needs. Our System Green Commuter is electrifying the vanpool and improving the commute with a sleeker, more technologically advanced and environmentally friendly vehicle. Most vanpool companies leave the vehicles sitting in parking spots over 90% of the time. By maximizing the use of these vehicles as car sharing vehicles during the day, we make a greater environmental impact and remove more vehicles from the road. When not used for car sharing or vanpooling, we offer fleet replacement services to companies and universities. Altogether Green Commuter’s vehicles are used more, making our prices lower and saving you from having to use other polluting vehicles more often.   Benefits We are a benefit corporation, which means that instead of having the responsibility to our stakeholders to make decisions based only on their financial impact, we choose to consider our social and environmental impact, too. Green is right there in our name, and we also believe in social justice and are committed to keeping costs manageable and EV technology available to people of all income levels.  

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Airport Road 1001
Chattanooga 37421 TN US
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