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Caravan Eggs

Caravan Eggs are True Free Range Eggs!


Caravan Eggs is based on the working property of Jaskro Park in Dundonnell, South West Victoria. Caravan Eggs was founded in 2015 with a dream of producing truly free range eggs on a sustainable model and supplying them direct to the customer. The 3000 Hi-Line chickens spend their days grazing on the fertile volcanic soils and have access to both the paddocks and safety of their mobile home 24/7.   Their mobile homes are sustainable and provide water from the tanks onboard which collect water from the roof and are fully self automated with solar panels.  Their mobile homes move location every 3 days keeping them on fresh pastures constantly with a forever menu of bugs. Caravan eggs hold sustainable agriculture systems and responsible animal husbandry practices as a necessity and require that the hens are as comfortable as physically possible 365 days of the year.   The hens lay their eggs usually from dawn until mid-afternoon daily. The chickens are protected by two giant fluff ball Maremma dogs ‘Bonnie’ and ‘Clyde’. The chickens are by nature inquisitive creatures and bond well with Bonnie & Clyde and most other not threatening visitors to their paddock including humans.

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