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Sustainable, wearable art to spark conversation

Sustainable, thoughtful, affordable – we create wearable art to spark conversations. We are super passionate about everything that we paint onto denim. From the overlooked importance of the common house fly to the implications of overfishing, each piece tells a story. We hope that when you are wearing one of our garments, you are inspired to spread the word about what’s painted on your item! We only paint on vintage or second hand items. Sifting through charity shops and thrift stores is more laborious than simply buying in bulk, but it is worth it! The textile industry isn’t sustainable and we don’t really see the point in using new items when there are so many great garments just waiting to be found and painted! Our process means that we find some fantastically unique pieces to use as a base for our designs whilst promoting sustainable consumption.

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Created by Chanut is Industries from the Noun Project

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