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E&K Vintage Wood offers the finest reclaimed wood, including, lumber, flooring, hand hewn beams, slabs, barn siding and custom milled furniture. We also provide architectural services, finishing, and custom millwork. Our mission is to provide our clients with the very best material for their projects. Our materials are featured in traditional, contemporary and rustic applications, both commercial and residential. The possibilities are practically endless. For example, paneling for a contemporary restaurant can be made from siding taken from a 19th century barn, and floors for a beach house could come by milling wood rafters from an old whiskey warehouse. The common theme is an appreciation for the unique beauty and character found in reclaimed wood. E&K’s goal is to educate consumers about the character, history and authenticity of this beautiful wood insuring its use for hundreds of years. E&K’s wood is sourced from all over the United States and abroad; however, we consider local stock a priority. Our sources include a variety of old structures that include, barns, warehouses, churches, homes, distilleries and cotton gins to name a few. Every board or timber that is harvested must pass a strict inspection to ensure it meets our standards. Once selected, the wood is de-nailed, sorted, graded and ready for use. Each species: oak, maple, walnut, pine, douglas fir, chestnut, beech, rosewood, redwood, hickory and many exotics will have the character and patina that only reclaimed wood can offer. E&K also purchases reclaimed wood please inquireregarding these services. E&K Vintage Wood is FSC® Certified and our clients who are working on Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification, can utilize our reclaimed wood products for MR4 (materials reuse) and MR5 (regional materials depending on location of project) credits. To get additional information about the LEEDS program or green building go to the US Green Building Council website http://usgbc.org.
West El Segundo Boulevard 1308
Gardena 90247 CA US
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Open to the Public Mon. - Fri. 9:00AM - 5:00PM Saturdays By Appointment

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