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What makes a green business, Green?

by Erik Neilson
The recent rise in sustainable businesses both within the U.S. and globally is no coincidence.  Business owners are taking responsibility in their impact on the environment by making conscious choices within their working systems to not only improve workplace quality, but to better help reduce their carbon footprint. Let’s take a look at some of the key factors in what makes a green business, green…

1. Sustainability

If there’s one thing that we want to see differ from modern everyday brands, it’s sustainability and green business practices. This can be in the form of materials utilized in products, approaches to labor practices, usage of resources, and everything in-between. The last thing we want to do is support a company known for releasing products that aren’t sustainable, and this demand, alone, has influenced many industries to favor green business and brands.

2. Transparency

Decades of questionable business practices across all industries, as well as a more socially connected world than ever before, has led to global consciousness, and we find ourselves up front and center of this awakening.  Many of today’s most successful green businesses pride themselves on maintaining transparency, which is based on a demand that will continue to expand yearly.
  1. Morality

Morality in business can be slightly subjective, ranging from the organization’s customer base to the quality of their products and services. We want to support businesses with clearly defined mission statements and a passion for creating social change—two things that only a few past generations have cared about. If a company’s business practices defy morality, its chances of succeeding in the modern business landscape will be greatly reduced.

4. Innovation

It’s important to note that while transparency, morality and sustainability are all important factors, so is continued innovation. It’s become a highly populated consumer-driven marketplace. We find ourselves interested in companies that are reinventing the wheel with new technology to create benchmark products and services, and reducing the usage of environmental resources. Sustainable brands represent the future of business both in America and the rest of the world, and the trend will continue in this direction.   
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