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Tiny Houses, Big Benefits

by Carly Zinderman
  Photo by Christopher Tack via The Tiny Tack House Once upon a time you probably wanted to grow up and live in a castle. Or a mansion. Then a host of “mini McMansions” sprang up across the country and people realized that living in a big house might not be the greatest thing in the world. Sure, they fit some lifestyles but they do take up a lot of space and a lot of resources. Enter the sudden growth of the tiny house movement.  Tiny houses may not seem aspirational; but they manage to pack a lot of imagination into their small spaces. As the economy changes, thanks in part to the awareness of new generations trying not to make the same mistakes as their parents, the tiny house movement has totally taken off. There are TV shows dedicated to showcasing the awesome creative power of people that have moved out of traditionally sized homes into tiny spaces. And some of them even have families and S.O.’s that live in tiny houses too. Tiny houses may not have glitz and glamour, but they have plenty of other benefits. There are three main benefits to going small:
  • Lower cost
  • Extra time
  • Less environmental impact
These benefits intersect with each other. If you have a tiny home, not only does it cost less to buy, it also costs less to maintain. Less space means less to spend heating and cooling a large space. Some tiny homeowners have managed to further reduce costs by installing solar panels and other energy saving systems. Many tiny homeowners opt to save space and energy by hand washing clothes and dishes rather than installing washers/dryers and dishwashers. And of course, if you have less space you also have less space to devote to trash and waste, so you save money. These economic benefits also translate into having less of an environmental impact as well. By cutting energy costs, you’re also cutting down on your carbon footprint as you use less and produce less. You’ll also notice that you have to be more careful about what you buy, as you have less space to put things and store things. This is again a dual benefit as you’re consuming less and therefore spending less. And with so much less stuff, you’ll find you have more free time because cleaning doesn’t take an entire weekend. It may not take much more than an hour! While tiny house living used to be a fringe thing, as it grows in popularity, it also grows in information about knowing what to expect from tiny house living. You can find information about everything from downsizing your furniture and appliances to information about how to get along with just essentials from learning about how other people live. Like traditional homes, tiny houses can be made in any architectural style, from traditional Cape Cod to industrial chic to mid-century modern. Best yet, if you’re still “stuck” living at home, a tiny house can be a perfect solution.
Some tiny homes are under $1,000, so you can totally move into your own “space” without having to worry about saving up for a large down payment.
Tiny house living isn’t for everyone. It forces you to be organized and decisive about what to keep and what to do without, as well as where to keep your things. If you love entertaining, then you’ll have to get creative about where to host friends, as not a lot of people can fit into a tiny space. Although tiny home building can have some gray areas legally as to where they can be constructed, set up and maintained, overall tiny house owners get much of the same satisfaction as traditional homeowners, at much less cost to the environment.
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