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These 4 TED Talks will change the way you think about green technology

by Sofia Russi
sustainable ted talks Too pricey, too technical, too overwhelming: these are only some of the common myths about green technology. In view of this week’s TED2018, we are listing some of our all-time favorite speakers who will change the way you think about green technology.  

1. It’s never too late to change the world…

Greentech first-time entrepreneur and grandad Paul Tasner started his own sustainable packaging business at age 66, and he’s now leading the ’70 over 70’ movement who wants to prove that impact is ageless. Moved by a need to reduce our plastic addiction and guided by over 40-years of experience in business, Paul’s brainchild PulpWork has won over 20 awards in recent years. He says about his venture: “I am doing the most rewarding and meaningful work of my life right now.”  

2. Nor is it ever too early

Deepika Kurup was only 14 and visiting her grandparents in India when she first faced the harsh reality of street children drinking from dirt puddles on the side of the road. Despite her young age, Deepika is determined to change the lives of people around the world who lack access to clean drinking water. After turning the garage of her family home into a science laboratory, she engineered a process to speed up the sanitation process of contaminated water through UV rays coming from the sun. This amazing young woman now wants to bring together young entrepreneurs to win the fight for clean water and sanitation worldwide through her project Catalyst for World Water.  

3. Trust yourself, and believe it

William Kamkawamba built a windmill to power his family’s home in Malawi amidst poverty and famine when he was only 14 years old. His family at the time could only afford to eat one meal per day, and William was forced to drop out of school to work on the farm. “I looked at my father and I looked at those dry fields; it was the future I couldn’t accept” he says. So he went to a library, taught himself English and physics and built a structure out of scrap materials to successfully harness water and electricity for his family and his entire village. William’s motto? I tried, and I made it.   

4. Choose people, planet AND profit

Audrey Choi is an investment expert, and the daughter of a North Korean refugee. While her mother had to run away from institutions and hide her identity, Audrey chose to run towards global institutions and the capital markets: in this brilliant TED Talk, she proves to an audience of skeptical investors that a sustainable investment portfolio* for green technology can double returns while helping people and protecting the planet. She says: “Invest in the change you want to see in the world.” Now that’s what we call “girl power!” These are only a few examples of the great talents and inspiring stories that constitute the thriving hub of green technology. What’s great about this field is that there is no shortage of problems to solve… are you ready to take the challenge and invest in green technology?
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