Don't Prepare Your Thanksgiving Menu Until You've Checked Out This Website - Leaf'd

Don’t Prepare Your Thanksgiving Menu Until You’ve Checked Out This Website

by Eli Mann
Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of year; not because I get the day off, not because it brings my family together (though, they are amazing), and definitely not because of the history. No, it’s the food that’s so exciting. Every year people gather together to celebrate the pastime of eating, and eating a lot, together. Still somehow we manage to miss some, according to government figures – we waste about $165 billion dollars in food annually, $293 million of which occurs over Thanksgiving. Food waste is a serious problem on a day-to-day basis, but can be infinitely more of a problem during the holidays. If you’re the host, which frequently I am, it’s tough to know how much to cook, especially when you’re unsure of how many people are coming, how many of them will stay to eat and if any will bring surprise guests with hearty appetites of their own. The Save the Food Guest-imator provides you with the closest tool for calculating the amount of food that needs to be prepared for your Thanksgiving meal, right down to that weird marshmallow thing your aunt brings every year and tells everyone not to forget to serve themselves a helping. Based on style of dinner (traditional, potluck, or vegetarian), number of people, their eating habits, and dishes you plan to make, and how much you plan to have leftover, the Guest-imator will tell you roughly how much of each item you should cook to combat food waste. A pie is a terrible thing to waste; get your slice of the humble variety at
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