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8 Podcasts to Boost your Eco-Friendly Life

by Yurie Kim
Podcasts just got a whole lot greener. If you’re like us and can’t get enough of the sustainability buzz, but can’t seem to find the time or energy to weed through all the information out there, these podcasts may be your answer.  If you haven’t discovered podcasts yet, they are audio segments that can be found on the Podcast App of your iPhone or online, and the best part? They’re almost always free to listen to! Here are our picks for the best current sustainability related podcasts worth tantalizing your ears: 1) The Minimalists Podcast If you’re familiar with the Netflix documentary, Minimalism, then you are no stranger to the names Joshua Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus.  In 2010, the duo began their journey to live a minimalist lifestyle, teaching themselves to “live meaningful lives with less stuff”.  The idea of living on less inherently relates to leaving a lighter footprint on our planet, which the two touch on throughout the series in their conversational style format that’s both easy and fun to listen to. Listen to the podcast here: http://www.theminimalists.com/podcast/ 2) A Sustainable Mind Marjorie Alexander is the host we’ve all hoped and dreamed for.  Her enthusiasm in sustainability has produced a gem of a podcast that gives regular folks like us a realistic approach to being a change maker. The podcast is focused around interviews with some of today’s most influential environmental activists, entrepreneurs, scientists, and policy makers who discuss their challenges, mindset, and tips for making even the smallest positive impact on the environment. Listen to the podcast here: http://asustainablemind.com/podcast/ 3) Infinite Earth Radio Founder and CEO of Skeo co-hosts with Mike Hancox and Vernice Miller-Travis to bring you this raw and informative series that spotlights environmental justice and the ways in which we can create equitable communities that are smarter and more sustainable. Listen to the podcast here: http://infiniteearthacademy.com/podcast/ 4) Modern Homesteading Podcast This one’s for all of you homesteaders out there. Modern Homesteading takes you through weekly tips and tutorials on your home gardening and farm area by offering information on self-sufficiency, urban farming, foraging and sustainability. Listen to the podcast here: http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/harold-thornbro/modern-homesteading-podcast 5) How 2 Build Green Hosted by sustainable contractor, Adam Fries, this podcast gives great first hand insight on the best home design options and provides advice on living a more sustainable lifestyle, both within and outside the home. Listen to the podcast here: http://how2buildgreen.com/category/podcasts/ 6) Spirit of 608: Fashion, Entrepreneurship, Sustainability, Tech Fashion lovers unite! Spirit of 608 encompasses all of the hard-hitting topics related to the fashion world and where it’s headed in relation to ethics and sustainability. Hosted by fashion journalist, Lorraine Sanders, this podcast has a clear vision to inform and inspire not only consumers but especially entrepreneurs in understanding today’s business models. Listen to the podcast here: http://www.spiritof608.com/podcasts/ 7) Sense & Sustainability  If sustainability development is your thing, then this is the podcast for you. Jisung Park, Co-Founder and Executive Director of SenseAndSustainability.net, uses this space to converse with guests about issues and potential solutions on topics ranging from world hunger, climate change, urban development, and economic policies. Listen to the podcast here: http://www.senseandsustainability.net/category/podcast/ 8) The Hippie Haven Podcast If you’re interested in taking small steps that make a big difference in saving the planet, but don’t know where to begin, The Hippie Haven Podcast is for you. Hosted by an actual hippie living in a van (who’s also a zero waste activist and business owner), Callee Ackland interviews experts and everyday people on how they live an ethical & eco-friendly lifestyle, and how you can too. Listen to the podcast here: http://www.ahippieinavan.com/podcast
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