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Our Story: Inspired Green Living VivaTerra began in 2004 with the passionate belief that you don’t have to compromise your sense of style to help preserve the earth’s precious resources. We noticed that the natural world is abundant with color, texture, and stunning design motifs; and in all of our products, we strive to incorporate these inspirations from Mother Nature. Since then, VivaTerra has moved to Virginia but remains committed to the goal of offering our customers a wide array of home products that encompass both the value and beauty of sustainable style, in our catalogs and at What We Offer Our mission is to help you transform your home into a natural sanctuary filled with versatile products that provide decades of service, by providing a destination to find the finest quality organic, artisan-made, earth-friendly goods from around the globe. We believe that timeless, quality pieces transform a home into a place of serene comfort and dependability. We create seasonal collections of home and outdoor furnishings that you won’t find elsewhere. Our offerings range from unique and unexpected furniture, bold art, and eclectic accents, to functional items for every room in the house. They all share our commitment to creating exceptional value, and are designed to complement and adapt-to your personal style– traditional, bohemian, contemporary and more. Who Makes Our Product Artisans in more than twenty countries, including the U.S. help make our mission a reality. We know there is an ineffable character that can only be found in products made by human hands. We deeply respect the talent of these artisans whose meticulous craftsmanship distinguishes every piece they make. We’re delighted to bring you extraordinary pieces created one at time with pride and expert workmanship. Our Commitment We are devoted to quality, contemporary, sustainable living. No matter where our products are found, who makes them or where they take up residence in your home, you can rest assured they represent the highest expression of timeless eco design.

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