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The Tote Project

Ethical Tote Bags help survivors of human trafficking


The Tote Project is based on a friendship, on a shared dream. It is a shared passion for empowerment, for restoration, for freedom. Fay Grant and Michelle Chavez founded The Tote Project because they believe that there is hope for the millions of victims of modern day slavery worldwide, and they want to do their part to support recovering survivors pursuing their dreams. Our blue rose symbolizes attaining the impossible, and we couldn’t think of a better way to represent our hope – no matter what the odds. We believe that if we #HoldOnToHope, we can empower survivors of human trafficking worldwide, provide them with opportunities to thrive, and help them to recognize their worth and potential. Fay chose to become an activist in the fight against human trafficking when she realized her true calling was to use the knowledge she’d gained from dealing with traumatic circumstances to bring about positive change. It gave her the strength and heart she needed to bring more light into the world. For her, The Tote Project is a way to spread hope, and show people that difficult experiences don’t have to feed into fear, shame and regret, but can instead be turned into compassionate, loving action for the greater good. Fay hand paints our freedom collection artwork from her home in the Blue Ridge Mountains, which she shares with her husband and daughter. She currently focuses on business development, artistic collaborations and creative design. Michelle joined the neoabolitionist movement in college after a screening of the documentary Call + Response. Realizing that she could make a difference empowered her to take action, and getting involved in grassroots fair trade and human trafficking awareness campaigns prepared her for her role in The Tote Project. She currently works on business development and supply chain management, as well as advocating for ethical fashion through writing and speaking engagements. Her and her husband live in Los Angeles with their dog Jean Valjean.

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