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The operations of The Penny Ice Creamery are designed and executed at every phase to promote the sustainability of the business and the environment. When we sat down to write our business plan, we put in black and white that we are committed to having a net regenerative impact on our community. This means going beyond energy efficiency, beyond zero waste. When it comes to sustainability this commitment is literally embedded in the ice cream. The nutrient rich eggshells and other organic material that are a byproduct of our ice cream production are a valuable resource for local growers, and we divert everything we can to them. Presently, our two primary recipients of our organic materials are Love Apple Farm and Fogline Farm. At these farms the organic material we can’t use become food for future ingredients. When you order a scoop of Chili Chocolate Smoke using chilies grown and smoked by Fogline Farm, you’ve just closed the table to farm to table loop. Sourcing our ingredients is a painstaking process. We regularly visit the farms and dairies that supply us to verify first hand that our ingredients are being produced in a manner consistent with our values. All of our dairy is Clover Stornetta Certified Organic, American Humane Certified by the American Humane Association. Our sugar is Certified Organic Evaporated Cane Juice, and our eggs are Certified Organic Free Range. We buy in bulk to cut down on waste. We pay strict attention to resource use, and we recycle everything we can. In the first half of 2010 we completed a major remodel of our building, working with Nielsen Architects and Santa Cruz Green Builders to follow Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) best practices during the design and construction.

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