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Sarah Zitin

Editorial Director at Leaf'd
Sarah Zitin’s innate curiosity led her to a more sustainable lifestyle as she educated herself on the dangers of climate change.  Supported by knowledge and understanding, she translated them into becoming the Editorial Director/Writer here at Leaf’d.  Sarah is a strong proponent of choosing to live in a way that honors and enhances the environment. 

Tell us a bit about your journey and how you came to where you are.

“My journey could take up to 100 years to tell! I’ll stick to the salient points. First of all, I’m the Editorial Director and Writer for Leaf’d. I’m one of the original founders of the company. I’m also a Holistic Practitioner/Chinese Herbalist, so healing anything, including the earth, is my passion. I’ve even written a book on healing the immune system, so you know it’s a passion! What preceded that part of my life was a confused and confusing time. Adolescence was exhausting and frightening. For all you young women who deserve support and attention: we’re kind of all in the same boat, though it doesn’t feel like it. We’re riddled with insecurities, anxieties, worries and concerns, body image issues – you name it! And I had them all. No matter how we look on the outside, no one really knows how we feel inside. I was alone in my private little hell, too. And then it got better. And I learned more, finally about who I am and what I need. I don’t even want to tell you how many years it took. My message to beautiful young women of today: stay true to who you are. Be present, state your case, and learn to love yourself. It’s the self you got, so love it while you can.”

Where did your passion, specifically for sustainability, begin?

“It was a natural progression, as a healer. Ten years or more ago, it struck me that the earth and climate were changing, and it didn’t seem like for the better. I began to read everything I could about sustainability, permaculture, the environment, animal habitats, changes in the earth’s structure due to climate change, and more… I saw a pattern and realized that the need to address this is urgent. When The CEO of Leaf’d, Adrienne Kessler, proposed the idea, I jumped at the opportunity because it had been on my mind. I wanted to be part of a movement that has the power to change the course of history, the planet, in particular. The idea of an educational, informational hub, like, where visitors can purchase the latest in green products, tech, anything from pets to architects – is all on the website. And our new Green Marketplace has several items that appeal to all of us!”

What is the importance of making sustainable lifestyle changes in our daily health?

“The entire food system governs the amount of carbon dioxide in the environment. Oil production is next. The more knowledgeable we become about how the system works and what can make it better, we can learn how to make smarter choices every day. People in challenged countries are more naturally sustainable out of necessity. They don’t have the fancy tools that we have, so they make what they need and live off the land. Sustainability is more than any system, but the sum of all of them: political, social, economic and environmental. All of these systems demand legislation, first of all, to ensure sustainable food systems, from the ground to the table. Once these values and priorities are in the appropriate place, we can all live green, healthy lifestyles. We can choose wisely and sustainably, and we can all afford the choice because anything other than honoring the earth will destroy it. The planet will then decide. At this point, there is only one choice and that is to take responsibility, if you’re able, for how you contribute to the earth.”

What are the ingredients or standards you look for in products when you shop?

“When I shop for food I start with organic, local farms, pastured and grass-fed, though I don’t eat meat, and since I’m primarily vegetarian, I make sure the ingredients are simple, clean and pure. I know my sources for what foods I like, so I know how to shop, and since my body naturally craves good, healthy food, it’s easy for me. The thing I always say about life is, educate yourself. Become knowledgeable about your interests and be an authority. Learning how to eat, what to buy, and where, are available on the internet. Also listen to your body! With other products like clothing, things for the house, garden, bathroom, – I read labels and shop where I know I have sustainable options. I know the company’s values and trust their sources. I’m not always successful in being 100% green, as I’m human. It isn’t always possible. But education is, and that’s how I learn everything I need to know.” Sarah is proud and grateful to be a part of Leaf’d, a company that values every living thing and the planet on which we inhabit.
Los Angeles CA US
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