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Our goal is to be the premier retailer of products that have a reasonable level of sustainability and that aid you in maintaining an eco-conscious lifestyle—one that pushes towards maintaining a low environmental impact, reducing waste, eating healthy, engaging in physical activity and more. We aim to provide you with quality products that make living out these choices easier everyday without having a negative impact on our precious environment. About the® Store & reuseit™ Products Our store name,®, has empowered hundreds of thousands of customers to reduce, reuse & save since its launch over 13 years ago in 2003. It’s the place where you’ll find our family of “best of the best” reusables available in a broad range of categories, so you can eliminate disposables from every part of your life—from bags and bottles to lunch, household & kitchen prep items and beyond. Practical, innovative and high quality, our offerings give consumers smart alternatives to the unnecessary “use-and-toss” items. These poor quality products are flooding the market and creating a world where “durable goods” that could last a lifetime have quickly become disposable.® is not just about reusable products, but also encompasses products that add a level of eco-awareness to your life.  We offer goods that support a farm- or garden-to-table lifestyle, and maintain an assortment of products that aid the home gardener—whether you have an acre or just a few square feet! We hope to be the name you trust for equipping your waste-free, healthy kitchen. By providing food prep products that make it easier to prepare meals at home, as well as top-of-the-line container and storage solutions to help you manage leftovers, we make it easier to reduce food waste and make healthy choices. Yes…® loves reusable products and we’re always looking for new and innovative ways to offer you the best assortment available.  But additionally, we are looking for eco-friendly, healthy and sustainable home solutions that will make it even easier for you to be an eco-conscious consumer. reuseit™ is the name we’ve adopted for our proprietary line of reusables and other eco-friendly products. You’ll find the same philosophy we’ve always embraced stands behind our own product line—offering everyday basics that are practical, durable, made from safe & sustainable high-performance materials, and are made in accordance with Fair Labor & Fair Trade practices. Well before the problems associated with massive over-consumption of use-and-toss bags and bottles had hit people’s radar, our former,® was launched to wake people up to the issue. Since then we’ve been instrumental in thrusting this issue into the public consciousness—from inspiring hundreds of news stories to empowering individuals with practical products and activist tools. As you can see, our vision and passion extends far beyond just bags. We’re empowering our consumers to live a lifestyle of reducing, reusing and saving.

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