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Changing the way American packs and moves!
Our mission Rent-A-Green Box’s mission is to change the way American packs and moves without trashing our planet! What we do We convert massive amounts of post consumer and industrial trash to make really cool Earth-friendly packing and moving products that replace traditional and expensive supplies like new and used cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, Styrofoam packing peanuts and messy packing tape. The old ways of packing and moving with limited lifespan and single use disposable packing materials is bad for our ecology, environment and economy. Our world famous and award winning product is called The Recopack which stands for [Recycled Ecological Packing Solution]. We rent Recopacks in 3 consumer friendly sizes to residents, small business and corporations for 2 week blocks and discount for extra weeks. After each use, Recopacks are inspected, de-labeled, cleaned and then hand sanitized. Recopacks are crush and tear proof, water and dust resistant, delivered pre-assembled requiring no tape, can be secured with recycled Reco-Zipties preventing tampering and theft, have comfortable handles that allow the end user to stack, pack and move with ease. Rent-A-Green Box and our entire family of innovative and unique green packing solutions will cut your residential, small business and commercial moving costs by up to 50% and you’ll save a lot of time, effort and Earth by moving green. Where We’re currently servicing every city in Orange and Los Angeles County. How Our system is remarkably simple. After determining how many Recopacks you’ll need for your upcoming move with our online Box Guru or by speaking with one of our Eco-agents; we’ll reserve your Recopacks and packing kit, take payment and then e-mail your order confirmation. Please double check the date and your 2 hour delivery time window. We’ll always call you a few days before your delivery date, as well as a few times on the day of your delivery to confirm our exact arrival time. When we arrive, we’ll check out your place to make sure that you enough Recopacks and the right sizes for your specific move. If you need extra Recopack and packing materials, don’t worry, we always carry extra on our Delivery Trucks. After we deliver you order, our eco-agent will give you a demonstration on how to best pack, stack and move our Recopacks. After you move to your new place, when you’re all unpacked and restacked, just call us and we’ll come and pick them up from your garage. It’s just that simple… it’s moving made simple. When you compare it to packing and moving the old fashioned way- with cardboard, here’s what you’re eliminating from your upcoming move. No more confusion about how many boxes that you’ll actually need to pack and move efficiently. No more building boxes early in the morning until late into the night. No more fussing with that messy tape, no more broken or crushed property during transport and no more breaking down boxes to throw them away. And the best part is that you’ll be saving time, money and resources by moving green!

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