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Preserving our planet one thoughtfully designed piece at a time.
At Newd Elements, we want to share with others that with deliberate and thoughtful upcycling, beautifully elegant and functional items can emerge. With sustainability in mind, each item created for Newd Elements is comprised from materials that were once something else; diverting discarded materials and transcending them into modern, useful goods. MODERNLY NATURAL Creating new from old with unadulterated, au natural bits & pieces. Newd Elements is a creative space where founder & designer, Rachel, transcends abandoned materials into purposeful & modern items for everyday life – delightful and thoughtful upcycling. With a background in industrial design and a huge passion for the environment, Rachel hopes to promote a sustainable and modern lifestyle as the foundation for anyone’s life. The ultimate mission is to use as many non-virgin, non-toxic, and completely sustainable materials as possible. Our belief is that anyone can live the life they want while still putting as small of a carbon footprint on this planet as possible.  And you can start at Newd Elements with some of the basics! NEWD MOVEMENT Not to be mistaken for nudism (but we’re not against appropriate participation)!… The Newd Movement wants to promote interdependence among all living elements on this planet. We depend on the Earth and each other so much more than most people would like to believe.  Our philosophy [for this lifestyle] is to empathetically connect with each other and re-connect our natural selves with the planet. What does this mean? Well, if you have a few errands to run? Maybe ride your bike to do them. Or, take a weekly “digital detox” and leave your phone at home while taking a hike or rendezvous-ing with your closest friends. Take some time to have your toes touch some grass, sand, or stones! Take a new perspective on an old way of thinking. Purchase something vintage and refresh to make new to you. There are endless possibilities! If you slow down, and appreciate what’s around you, then life will give you more meaning than you’ll ever expect. So, go on and get Newd!

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