New York City-based Organic / Eco-Friendly clothing company.
We’re Empire Street Style, a New York City-based Organic / Eco-Friendly clothing company and leading online source for Fair Trade Clothing, clean diet, exercise and self-help guides. MISSION STATEMENT Our mission is to help everyone Do Better, Live Better and Dress Better. OUR COLLECTION our exclusive collection features a line of luxury T-shirts and sweaters for men and women. Our main vision for this collection is to bring fun and happiness to our customers. The collection is Eco-friendly and also made in the US because we take pride in not only helping the environment but also supporting local manufacturers.   DO BETTER Every year Americans buy 20 billion new items of clothing and dump 10 million tons of clothing into giant landfills which are consuming our earth, polluting our air and water, and killing our wildlife. It is estimated that 40% of these landfills are made up of old textiles used for clothing. The great news is there are many solutions to these problems. At Empire Street Style our goal is to help educate our consumers on what they can do to reduce their carbon footprint. We believe that investing in eco-friendly companies is a great way to start. We are dedicated to providing you with timeless tips and articles from environmentalist experts in order to help you better understand the importance of going green. LIVE BETTER Furthermore, we also believe that it crucial for us, as human beings, to invest in ourselves. A greater focus on the individual in today’s modern world pushes to us to work toward bettering ourselves in every aspect, especially striving for a healthy diet and regular exercise. After all, a healthy lifestyle is the key to longevity. “Live better” to us means “eat clean and exercise”. To help you achieve these goals, we teamed up with some of the top nutritionists and fitness trainers to provide you with tips on how to get the best results. DRESS BETTER In addition to helping you Do Better, Live Better, Empire Street Style provides you with an exclusive collection featuring a line of luxury T-shirts, sweatshirts, hooded sweatshirts, tank tops, leggings and jogger pants for both men and women to Dress Better. The collection is Eco-friendly and made in the US. because we take pride in not only helping the environment but also supporting local manufacturers. All of our sustainable fabrics are made with Organic / Eco-Friendly yarns and finished with environmentally friendly dyes.

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