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Eco Warrior Princess
Jennifer Nini, founder of Eco Warrior Princess, isn’t just your average writer. In fact, she is an activist and certified organic farmer that has worked towards unifying the sustainability movement by creating a media outlet for doers and learners alike- all for the sake of the planet. Leaf’d was lucky enough to get to know her a bit more on a personal level:

Tell us a bit about your journey and how you came to where you are.

My ethical journey began in 20o8 when I travelled to China (mostly for business) and saw firsthand how fashion was produced. Upon returning to Australia I became an advocate for ethics and sustainability in fashion. My partner and friends encouraged me to start a blog to share my thoughts with others and in 2010 I launched Eco Warrior Princess.
My personal journey also evolved. I left city life to live in the country and spent the first four months in a tent and then the next two years living in a off-grid shed powered by solar. I returned to Melbourne and my partner and I decided our hearts were in the country so we bought a farm and it is now certified organic. Eco Warrior Princess has also evolved from being a blog to a multi-contributor online media platform.

Where did your passion for environmentalism begin

I am what you call an ‘outdoorsy’ person and have always felt affinity with nature and our natural environment from an early age. I prefer to hike than go to the gym. I prefer to go running outside than be on a treadmill indoors that sort of thing. But it was in 2010 when I moved to the country and lived on the land in our tent where I began to realize my connection with Mother Nature and how humans have destroyed so much of her offerings. In those early years, the BP Oil Spill had also occurred and I was disgusted with the impacts on the environment. Of course during this time, I had watched docs like The 11th hour and The Inconvenient Truth which further fueled my interests in climate change and environmentalism. The rest as they say is history, here we are.

What has been the biggest obstacle or struggle in your journey towards sustainable living?

My biggest challenge at the moment is prioritizing what needs doing and financing our growth. The sustainability conversation is now hitting the mainstream and with that comes many requests, press releases, invitations, emails, and let’s face it, lots of distractions. There’s also the need to strike the balance between accepting advertising dollars to pay the team and cover operating expenses but also ensuring that we aren’t pushing the consumerism message. This is something I’ve personally struggled with since I never launched Eco Warrior Princess as a business but I’ve come to terms with it now as we couldn’t possibly keep spreading the eco message, pay writers fairly or pay my mortgage and bills without working with eco-conscious brand partners and advertisers.  

How have you been able to change the way that people perceive sustainability?

By being inclusive in the space and hiring writers with different cultural and racial backgrounds who can contribute diverse opinions and share their unique lived experiences. It’s important that readers understand that sustainability is a broad topic with a whole lot of nuance. Because we live in a global world and each of our actions don’t just affect people in our own countries but others thousands of kilometers from here due to climate change (environmental justice is an topic we cover on EWP) it’s important that readers are exposed to writers from diverse backgrounds, from different parts of the world and writers who are from the ‘first world’ and ‘developing world’ so that people reading are aware of their privileges and the limitations in other parts of the world.

Do you have an all-time favorite sustainable purchase or product that has changed your life?

It wasn’t a purchase so much as a gift. I received two pairs of crop organic cotton pants from Australian label Bestowed Clothing a couple of years ago and they are seriously stylish and comfy. Not a week goes by where I don’t wear them, they’re so soft and designed well. I wear these pants because I’m a busy woman and decision fatigue is a real thing, I don’t want to have to think about what to wear, so these pants are perfect because they look great, feel great and the style is super versatile; transitions well from my farm to the city.

Is there anything else we need to know about you?

If people don’t enjoy reading blog posts, we also have a YouTube channel and podcast show too.                              

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