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Affordable, earth-friendly rugs.
We’ve written up specific company guidelines to ensure that we never lose sight of this mission.

A pair of our skilled weavers hard at work.

  1. The environment comes first. We will always search out the most Earth-friendly way to make our rugs. We will always seek to lower our environmental impact, attempting to inspire others in our industry to do the same.
  2. No dyes. Ever. We have learned, through our own painstaking research, that even green alternatives like vegetable dyes require chemicals and detergents, creating large amounts of harmful waste-water. We will NEVER use dyes to create our products.
  3. No chemicals. We will NOT use chemicals of any kind in the production of any of our products. No flame retardants, no pesticides, no harmful detergents, nothing.
  4. No latex. We will NEVER use latex in any of our products, so you never have to worry about potentially dangerous off-gassing.
  5. Safe for people: Ours, and yours. For us, Earth-friendly means caring for air, water, and soil, but also for people. To that end, we will always place a strong emphasis on a safe and fair working environment. We respect our employees and their unique talents, and we will always treat them with compassion. Our employees (and employees of any of our partners) will be fairly paid and considerately managed. They are (and will always be) of legal age, and will never be bound by unfair work contracts. We will always extend our workplace safety and compassion to our customers. Just as our workplace will be safe to weave in, our products will be safe to roll around on. We will always treat our customers with the utmost respect, and provide tireless service for them.

We offer rugs that meet these guidelines in two fabrics: Eco Cotton and Natural Undyed Wool.

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