I created Grando Cioccolato, with the intention of providing what I believe to be the finest tasting. healthy, highest quality cocoa beans on the planet! Your pallet will experience the flavor nuances of berries, cocoa and musk,  akin to fine wine that Grando Cioccolato has had the honor of pairing with some of the finest award winning wines such as Sunstone, Summerland and Camus.

I import organic chocolate liquor from Italy and transform it into Artisan Italian chocolates in my commercial kitchen in Pasadena, so that you can enjoy fresh Artisan Italian Chocolates in the U.S.A. The Italians have been making chocolates for centuries and one of the leading chocolate producers in Italy partnered with cocoa plantation owners in South America and the Caribbean where rare criollo and trinatario cocoa beans are cultivated. Fine Organic Cocoa Beans may be the best medicine in the World! High quality minimally processed cocoa beans have more antioxidants than any other food. Cocoa is a fruit filled with heart healthy flavonoids, along with more magnesium than any other fruit or vegetable.  I recently learned that minimally processed cocoa beans are much healthier than the vast majority of raw chocolate producers whose beans are treated chemically through U.S. customs before they are allowed to enter the country.  Raw cocoa beans that are not minimally treated run the risk of unhealthy bacteria. My husband, a fine master Italian jeweler,  inspired me to create custom GC Diamond Bars.  One of my first orders was for 8,000 chocolate diamonds! My chocolate diamonds fit into custom-made fine sustainable jewelry boxes that include a complimentary sterling silver GC Lion Charm. After the chocolates are consumed  the jewelry boxes can be  filled with treasures of your own!  My silver GC Lion Charm is of two lions holding up a tower; which was inspired by a crest from Bassano Del Grappa, Italy, as it was there that my journey into fine Italian chocolate began. The lions are symbols of strength, so that you can remind yourself to eat organic to stay strong! My collection of chocolates has evolved through the years to include Italian chocolates for every occasion. Plus, I have a large demand for  Custom Italian Chocolates that I find to be challenging. One of the most challenging chocolate designs that I produced was approximately 400 chocolate statues for Producer Jon Landau and his family for Christmas! Jon called me one day out of the blue and told me that he heard that I had the best chocolate in town. After tasting my chocolate he commissioned me to create the statues of his family, so I guess that he agreed! Many people have told me that I have the best chocolate that they have ever tasted. I give credit to the high quality beans and to the Italians who work together with the farmers to cultivate the land in a quest to produce the finest cocoa beans in the World! ORGANIC INGREDIENTS, NON-GMO, VEGAN DARK CHOCOLATE, FAIRTRADE AND/OR EQUAL OPPORTUNITY FARMS.  

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