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Bringing awareness to Native Plants and edible weeds

Bringing Awareness to Native Plants and Edible Weeds

The ETHOS Shar-la Designs is all about sustainability and slow fashion, passionate about bringing awareness to Australian native plants, edible and medicinal plants, the importance of land regeneration and living in harmony with nature. We also Commission the beautiful illustrations of Margaret Frances Elliott (my late mother 1945-2015) to other businesses for use in their creations. All aspects of Shar-la Designs products, from the most ethically and sustainably sourced raw materials to the recycled packaging of the final product, have been carefully selected for maximum care of mother earth and its inhabitants. Products are produced with chemical free, organic, up-cycled and/or recycled materials, seeking suppliers and manufacturers that are like-minded, who share the same ethos and core values. The INSPIRATION Shar-la Designs was inspired by my mother, Margaret Frances Elliott (1945-2015), who worked most of her life in service of mother earth, all artwork was created by her and with these creations I honour and pay respect to her life. An idea was sparked over 20 years ago, during that time it swayed and swooshed around.  Over 10 years ago an amazing woman, my mother, became an illustrator of native Australian plants. She was a passionate woman, driven to regenerate any land that needed it.  Her knowledge and passion rubbed off on me and after her death in 2015, I became even more inspired to carry on her message. She had a life long desire to help the earth. I have had a life long connection to all things in the natural world. Early 2017 Shar-la Designs was born. To bring awareness to Australian Native plants and their uses through stunning drawings brought to life on handmade eco and sustainable clothing and gifts. I am passionate about helping to inspire others about the natural world around them and the absolute requirement for nature to be noticed and heard.

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