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Briut Essentials is a lifestyle brand committed to promoting a product that improves our health while bettering our planet. “Briut” is the Hebrew word meaning Health. This serves as the foundation for the lifestyle we choose to lead, focusing on the health of our bodies and of the Earth. Briut is more than just a business; it is a lifestyle. Our products have helped many people in many ways. Our loyal costumers are more than family; we are a tribe of people who choose to be aware of what we put on or in our bodies and how we affect the Earth. They understand that Briut is a way of life and they share our vision for a better future. A future that is safer, cleaner, and better for our bodies and our planet. It all began in July of 2016, when Briut Essentials founder, Sharone Farahan, underwent surgery to remove a small brain tumor. After waking up with a newfound awareness of health issues, Sharone set out to lead a healthier, more holistic lifestyle. After trying different natural products available on the market, she realized that there was a lack of good products that worked. Thus, Briut Essentials and the Briut Lifestyle was born out of necessity. It began with a line of homemade lip balms. After months of research and plenty of trial and error, she came up with a perfect blend of essential oils that worked to hydrate and heal dry lips. With the success of her lip balms, she set out to tackle bigger issues like oral hygiene and skin care. It is Sharones’ mission to spread awareness and educate people about the damaging chemicals in our daily products. Sharone aspires to create and promote organic products that help to form a better everyday life for people while simultaneously protecting the environment. She wants to show people that organic products are healthier for our bodies, our lives, and our planet.  Briut Essentials products are made using only safe, organic, and eco-friendly ingredients, They do not contain any unnecessary fillers or harmful chemicals that can irritate your skin or enter your bloodstream. Because we care about the health of our planet and its inhabitants, we use only non-toxic, recyclable packaging. All of our products are paraben-free, aluminum-free, fluoride-free, and eco-friendly. Briut is a unique brand because we strive to make unique products that are for the betterment of our customers’ health, while being organic, cruelty free, and creative to meet the high demands of the health and body industry. We have done extensive research to ensure that our products are the best in the market. We have a passion and drive to provide the highest in quality products and customer service.

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