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As a brand we were born and bred in Los Angeles. We manufacture in L.A. and this is where we plan to stay. LA is who we are, but staying in our backyard also allows us to have an acutely close connection to our supply chain. We source almost 100% of our fabrics in Los Angeles, both deadstock and now organics which were introduced in 2017. By producing RIGHT in LA, we know exactly who is making our garments and where. With the visible poverty in the garment district in LA, we are proud to support our local economy and provide jobs to local workers, all of which are paid a living wage. We choose to pay higher wages and prices, but we know for a fact that we are an ethically made brand, we don’t just say it. We’re all about creating beautiful garments, but not at the expense of other people or our environment.


We don’t need to sacrifice style for ethics and sustainability. We’re proof that you can have all three. It’s shocking that fashion is the 2nd largest polluting industry after the oil industry – gross. To combat the over consumption and enormous waste creation present in fashion, we use deadstock fabrics. Deadstock is surplus fabric that has been unused that was originally purchased by other fashion brands. Those brands no longer wanted the fabric because they either purchased too much of it or no longer have a use for it. Sometimes we find a roll with a lot of fabric and sometimes we fall in love with a fabric that only allows us to produce a smaller run of garments in that specific color or print. For that reason, when you see something you love, when we sell out, it’s probably not coming back. By “rescuing” deadstock we prevent fabric from ending up in a landfill. In the US alone, 11 million tons of fabric ends up in landfills each year. By remaining green and using deadstock, we’re giving this fabric a second chance at life and reducing waste production which ultimately helps to keep our earth beautiful for future generations. As we grow, our goal is to push even harder to become as sustainable as possible.

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