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Pure luxury organics
*THERE IS AN ANCIENT CHINESE PROVERB THAT SAYS – “An invisible red thread connects those destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstance,” the saying goes. “The thread may stretch or tangle, but never break.” Zia & Tia Pure Luxury Organics is a Canadian business that began after the adoption of our daughter from  China in 2005. We are committed to Organic sustainable and eco-friendly products, Natural and Handmade. We offer beautiful Sustainable Organic luxury collections for babies,  children and dogs. The beginning of our incredible journey Our story begins in the summer of June 2004, when a baby girl was born on the other side of the world. One year later, we traveled to North-West China to adopt our daughter, Zia… the thread to the beginning of our incredible journey and our link to making a difference in the lives of other children worldwide. Our inspiration Has come from our daughter Zia. Hope and possibilities became the root of our parenting and with this, our commitment to raise our children to be socially conscious & environmentally responsible. Our Collections Designing & creating Organic heirloom hand knits for kids happened while knitting for my Zia. After knitting many hats and sweaters for her,a collection was there to share. Our Dog Sweaters followed after Lola came into our lives, 6lbs of tiny, in need of a warm sweater. Now we do even smaller sizes for our new Chinese Crested Hairless, who wears our Organic Cotton hand knit sweaters all year round, knit with Organic cotton as he is allergic to wool! Zia & Tia Organic Hand knits are lovingly handcrafted with sustainable  Certified Organic Yarns that don’t cost the earth. Our Organic luxury collection of handmade knits for babies & children include vintage style dresses, sweaters, hats, shoes and blankets. Our Heirloom hand knit  soft Toy Animals & Dolls are dressed with shabby chic removable clothing that can be mixed and matched  and  our Canine Couture collection of Organic Cotton Dog Sweaters can be worn for all seasons. Certified Organic Yarns All of our Organic hand knits are crafted stitch by stitch on 2 needles, using  Organic Cotton Yarn,  Our Organic hand knit Toys are stuffed with  Certified Oeko-Tex poly fill. Our  retail Organic collections offered are carefully handpicked, working with suppliers who are committed to creating a more fair & sustainable world. We are committed to the environment, sustainable agriculture, responsible manufacturing practices and we support organizations that help  women and children less fortunate, to have the possibility of a better future.

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Beaconsfield QC CA
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