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Soap For Your Soul

Luxury Soaps handmade in small batches the old fashioned way.
We make soap the old fashioned way. Using oils, butters and waxes from renewable vegetable sources that are known for their skin benefits, we use the cold and hot process of soap making to create a sudsy soap that lathers thick and rich.  Using oils like olive and soy which both add to the skin benefits and the bar benefits of Soap for your Soul.   Palm oil is a vegan alternative to the traditional tallow or lard, and makes a nice, hard, long-lasting bar of soap.  One of the most important oils we use is coconut.  It gives our soaps that thick rich lather with beautiful fluffy suds.  We only use essential oils or phthalate-free fragrance oils for scent.  These are noted in each soap’s description, and comprise less than 1% of our recipes. We make soap that’s healthy. Natural soap gently cleans away dirt and excess oils without stripping your natural layer of sebum.  That’s it.  No curing, healing or fixing…That will happen naturally when you ease into rehab for your skin’s chemical addiction.  Using natural soap is an easy way to clean your skin, without stripping your skin of it’s natural moisturizers and protectants.  Even people with oily skin need some of their natural oils left in place, and those with dry or sensitive skin sure don’t want petrochemicals washing away all their natural protection from the very things that are irritating them in the first place…

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