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7 of our favorite Etsy shops making the most from reclaimed wood

by Eli Mann
There’s a pile of it somewhere nearby, rotting, neglected, doomed to decay into a mound of sawdust in a corner of your garage or housing a family of super-shy spiders in your shed. Even though you’ve turned your back on those scrap building materials or broken table tops, there are some very clever, creative folks out there who look past the uneven warp, who see beyond the grain of those battered boards. These repurposing Rodins are reimagining the weathered patinas of reclaimed wood as beautiful, unique, and useful home furnishings. Here’s some of our favorite artisans going against the grain.

1) Wooden Geometric

This Utah-based Etsy store uses reclaimed wood to construct simple, affordable, yet beautiful home accessories like triangular cubby shelves and lightly finished wooden furniture. Etsy Shop>

2) HF Woodworking

Affordable, elegant and most importantly made of either reclaimed or sustainable materials, this seller’s business card holders and smart phone stands make ideal gifts for friends and family with a penchant for simple refinement made of responsibly sourced materials Etsy Shop>

3) Makers Eyes

Maker’s Eyes offers ready made and custom orders for jewelry boxes, planters, and shelves, including the “swing shelf”, a piece of reclaimed wood suspended from leather straps, a clever, easily installable addition to your home décor. Etsy Shop>

4) All We Do Is Wood

The name says it all, though they do use some that is not reclaimed, here you’ll find space-saving bicycle rack organizers, candle holders, and mid-century modern style furniture made from, yep, reclaimed wood. Etsy Shop>

5) Grindstone Design

True to their name, this Etsy shop diligently creates reclaimed wooden shelves, benches, coffee tables and my favorite, a fold-down, wall-mounted secretary’s desk. Sustainable and space-saving, with vintage flair and sturdy construction, a happy marriage of engineering and craft. Etsy Shop>

6) Kase Custom

This meticulously designed, gorgeous reclaimed wood furniture combines minimal elegance and precision construction. Kase Custom combines reclaimed wood of different stains and tints to create functional mosaics that bring a sense of warmth to any home. Etsy Shop>

7) Woodland Creek Shop

The folks at Woodland Creek have created a happy marriage between modern design and the natural beauty of wood to create original pieces of furniture and storage accessories that are as much art as they are craft. Etsy Shop>
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