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Just some of the ways Iceland is leading an environmental revolution

by Eli Mann
Iceland is leading an environmental revolution. The island nation has made a great deal of legislation regarding environmental policy and responsibility. Here are just a few of them.

Geothermic Energy

Utilizing the heat and activity of their volcanoes, the same energy that warms their world famous mineral springs is used to create clean energy, so much so that Iceland has been in negotiations since 2012 with the UK about the possibility of exporting their overflow power via an undersea conduit. Their volcanoes may not be erupting, but they sure are spewing a steady flow of power.

Negative Emissions Plant

Trees have been doing it continuously since the beginning of time: satellite filters working in unison to remove C02 from the air and replace it with fresh oxygen while we sleep. However, the deforestation of places like the Amazon Rain Forest has drastically reduced the scale of this process across the globe. Enter the Climeworks Carbon Capture Technology, in which carbon emissions are gathered into a machine which transfers the intake into clean Co2-free oxygen on a massive scale. Climeworks isn’t the only company creating this technology, yet they’re the first to implement it on such a large scale, making Iceland the first country in the world to have what’s being called a “Negative Emissions Plant.” Yep, they built a factory that makes fresh air, and though we can’t “breathe easy” just yet, the effectiveness of this technology does “breathe new life” into the goals of reversing the effects of climate change. Learn More >

Tidal Generators (Hydroelectric)

Iceland has been implementing hydroelectric technology since the early 1900s, and today it produces three-quarters of the country’s total energy. Additionally, they offered community seminars for creating sustainable hydroelectric power technology available to and created by the citizenry. In a land that’s water-rich, simple structures can be constructed to divert the flow of rivers, streams, etc. to power people’s homes. We already know energy comes in waves, but Iceland has perfected the creation of energy powered by them. Learn More >

Oleant Luminaire covered by Icelandic Moss

Environmental Responsibility That Begins With The Morning Commute Iceland has some of the most innovative environmental policies on the planet. Because of the method in which they power the country that produces methylene as a byproduct, they incentivize their citizens to drive hydrogen and methane-powered vehicles to cut carbon-based emissions from fossil-fuel driven transportation. Learn More >
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