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Clever Costume Ideas with a Sustainable Twist

by Eli Mann
In a previous article we provided suggestions for materials and techniques for creating your own Halloween costumes from sustainable, up-cycled or recyclable materials. If you weren’t inspired by our projects, take heart, we meticulously searched the internet for some sustainable DIY costume ideas for all skill levels to inspire your next Hallow’s Eve ensemble.

Easy Cactus

You just need a green sweatshirt, green pipe cleaners and a fake flower. Attaching the pipe cleaners evenly to give the effect of cartoon needles and then a flower to the wrist of your sleeve. You’re sure to fit into the landscape wherever you go.

Kid’s Shopping Bag Cowboy

This kid’s cowboy costume is fashioned from grocery bags, shoelaces and a foil cupcake cups! For a complete getup that retains the DIY feel, add a horse made out of and old mop, if you’re like me, your mop will probably still have that authentic horse corral odor.

Bat Ears and Wings

This ingenious bat costume requires only an umbrella to construct both ears and wings. Simply complete the look with a black hooded sweatshirt and you’re ready to fly out on the town.

Kid’s Needle and Thread

It doesn’t require much to attain maximum cuteness. With simply a flattened cardboard box wrapped around them and a couple of old clothes shredded into pieces of rope to wrap around it, this simple zero-investment costume is perfect for a last-minute DIY project. To add a needle you can untwist an old wire clothes hanger and wrap it in aluminum cooking foil.

Plastic Bottle Jetpack

You don’t need a space suit to be ready for travel beyond the stars. By attaching plastic bottle, pieces of cardboard and painting them, you’ll have the perfect accessory that tells people you could blast off at any moment. Walk slowly and dramatically for the zero-gravity effect.

Soda Tab Corset

Want everyone to know you’re a crusader for the environment, that not only do you “go green” but you’re prepared to defend green. This elaborate, gorgeous chain mail soda tab corset is not only beautiful and crafty but completely recyclable. If you never want to wear it again, just toss it in the blue bin!

3-D Glasses/ Bang! Prank Gun dresses

Before you donate all those old clothes, repurpose them! You can upcycle unworn or ill-fitting garments into clever Halloween costumes. These two dresses require only sewing or gluing pieces of cloth or appliques to an existing gown to create a beautiful, retro costume effect.


(For paradise, add cardboard palm tree) So you have no time to prepare, you didn’t get a costume and you’re all out of ideas? Don’t panic, everyone has a cardboard box in their house, if not, you can easily get one from your local super market. Simply paint the whole box white, cut out holes for your body, arms and head and then paint black dots on each side. You’ll look to “die” for! Make two for a matching couples costume. If you have a small child, dress them up as a palm tree for a clever “paradise” theme.

Witch’s Hat

This super simple witch’s hat made entirely from recycled newspaper is the perfect sustainable, low-cost accessory to complete your costume.

Butterfly Wings

Something like these elaborate cardboard butterfly wings can be constructed from single pieces of cardboard for a rigid wing, or assembled with multiple pieces for full, organic movement, they can be easily attached using an old pair of suspenders, or sturdy elastic arm bands.
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