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7 Tips for a Green Home Patio and Landscape

by Erik Neilson

1. Start with Materials

Whether you’re building-out an entirely new patio or are simply looking to add some accent features to your existing landscaping, the first place to start is with green and sustainable materials. If you’re considering adding a wood deck or platform, using recycled or reclaimed wood can both save you money and have a positive impact on the environment. You can use reclaimed materials like wrought iron, railroad ties and concrete to add character to your patio. Many of you choose to embrace green living, but the real benefits come from creating a unique, one-of-a-kind patio.

2. Use Solar Lighting

You don’t need to perform a solar install to embrace solar lighting. Solar lights are self-sufficient and can be installed throughout a garden or patio to create beautiful, ambient light once the sun goes down. The savings in electricity are worth the time, and you’ll be impressed with how elegant these lights can look throughout the night.

3. Decorate with Edible Plants

Want to get the most out of your green outdoor design space? You can grow plants that are not only attractive, but also nutritious. Culinary herbs, potted berry bushes and other types of sustainable edible plants are ideal for framing a patio and for saving money at the market.
  • Use Native Plants
Chances are that you’ll want to decorate your green outdoor patio design or garden with a handful of colorful and delicious varieties, and have beauty and nutrition at the same time. Go with native plants when possible. Native plants grow much more easily than the alternative, typically without the need for pesticides and using excess water.

5. Make Use of New Technologies

There are a handful of new technologies that can integrate into your green outdoor design. Automation, for example, allows you to control lighting, retractable shades/panels and other patio elements with the touch of a button. You can program these different patio elements to make as little or as much use of them as you’d like, thus allowing you to save on electricity, water, energy and waste.

6. Catch Your Rainwater

Rainwater is ideal for watering patio plantings, especially when you consider that water conservation is a crucial element. A rain barrel can be used to catch rainwater coming off a roof or the edge of a patio. You can also use permeable pavers to allow for sufficient drainage.

7. Switch Overheads with LEDs

Overhead lighting can add an attractive feature, but it can also be costly if you’re not using the right bulbs. Be sure to switch out overheads to LED bulbs in as many cases as possible. You’ll not only enjoy better lighting, but your electricity bill will be reduced dramatically if you spend a lot of time on the patio. Building a beautiful patio is one of the best ways to take advantage of green outdoor design, and can be a fun process where you create and economize simultaneously.
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