5 Ways to Celebrate and Do Your Part on World Oceans Day 2018

5 Ways to Celebrate and Do Your Part on World Oceans Day 2018

by Sofia Russi
green sea turtle swimming in ocean sea P932FZN We might not know what’s hiding in the ocean, but we know that we can’t survive without it. The oceans provide essential services to our planet: they produce most of the oxygen we breathe, constitute an incredible source of food and medicine and regulate the planet’s temperature. World Oceans Day is meant to mobilize and unite people around the world to protect one of our most precious resources. It’s no wonder that this year’s focus is on plastic pollution: 8 million metric tonnes of plastic enter the ocean each year. The Great Pacific Plastic Patch, a high-sounding name for what is in fact a floating pile of trash, is now estimated to be three times the size of France. Approximately 1 million seabirds and 100.000 marine mammals die each year because of plastic pollution. There is no reason why you shouldn’t care. Here are our 5 recommendations to join the 2018 World Oceans Day celebration:
  1. Organize a #ZeroPlasticLunch or #ZeroPlasticDay and share your pictures!
Bring some friends and family together this year and join the #ZeroPlasticLunch movement – and if you can, make it a #ZeroPlasticDay. Going plastic-free can be very challenging, but it’s far from impossible. Our recommendation is to plan your meal in advance and take the time to prepare it yourself.   Opting for farmers’ markets rather than grocery stores will help you avoid the plastic food packaging, and we recommend getting your friends involved in the cooking process for a guaranteed quality time. This might be the best day of the year to invest in some high-quality reusable lunch boxes, water bottles or coffee cups (nearly 99% of coffee cups are not recycled) that will last you a lifetime. And don’t forget to share your pictures!

2.  #WearBlue and #MarchForTheOceans

  On Saturday June 9th, join the #MarchForTheOceans in Washington D.C. or a sister march across the country. Organized by Blue Frontier, the event is supported by over 100 organizations including Surfrider Foundation, Greenpeace, Sierra Club, Oceans Conservancy, Earth Day Network. Activists, scientists, surfers and all oceans lovers will come together to increase awareness about plastic pollution and the need to protect marine ecosystems. If you can’t make it to the event, show your support by wearing blue and sharing your #WearBlue outfits to increase awareness.

3. Speak Out about Offshore Drilling in the US (and Worldwide)

  The Trump administration has announced plans to expand offshore oil drilling in U.S. waters including the Atlantic, Pacific, Eastern Gulf of Mexico and Arctic Oceans. Oil drilling can have catastrophic consequences on entire ecosystems – if you are not familiar with the topic, the case of the Deepwater Horizon off the coast of Texas in 2010 clearly explains what’s at stake. Sign and support The Surfrider’s Foundation Drilling Is Killing Campaign to demand that the U.S. Administration and Congress  protect our Oceans.

 4. Donate to Conservation

  When it comes to conservation, your financial support can go a long way. The World Oceans Day is an event coordinated by The Oceans Project, a strategic communications organization that focuses on conservation with over 2,000 partners from all sectors. You can donate directly to the World Oceans Day here. Alternatively, you can choose to donate to any of the organizations that are working to protect our oceans, such as the Oceans Conservancy, the Marine Conservation Institute or even better donate to your local non-profit organization.

5. Make Every Day an Oceans Day

  The goal of World Oceans Day is to increase our understanding of the delicate marine ecosystem so that we can make every day an Oceans day. The simple truth is that, if we compromise the balance of the oceans, future generations might not be able to survive on this planet. Making every day an Oceans Day means making conscious choices, holding ourselves accountable for our consumption, and realizing that all non-recyclables that we put into the trashcan are going to either pile up in a landfill or end up in a water stream. Preventing plastic pollution and encouraging governments and companies to protect the oceans means acting in the interest of future generations. To learn more about the 2018 World Oceans Day, visit www.worldoceansday.org
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