4 Websites Making Sustainable Investing Fun and Easy

4 Websites Making Sustainable Investing Fun and Easy

by Sofia Russi
shutterstock 785164483 2 Sustainable or impact investing has come a long way in recent years, and at the end of 2016 it amounted to more than $22 trillion in total assets worldwide. The new formula for one third of all investments is the ESG, which stands for “Environmental Social and Governance factors.” Investment companies are quickly adapting to the new way of doing business. But what makes an investment “sustainable?” The answer is, impact investment is any investment strategy that equally values financial revenue and social and environmental impact. In other words, it’s any financial venture that rewards you while supporting initiatives that champion the values of justice, fairness and environmental sustainability.    Here are some examples of companies that help you invest in sustainable industries:
  1.     Swell Investing focuses on companies that offer innovative solutions to some of the world’s biggest challenges, and allows clients to choose between six impact-focused thematic portfolios that include disease eradication, clean water and zero waste. This company is particularly appealing to investors looking for very low minimums, starting from as little as $50. All companies are screened through a rigid three-step process, and investors can customize their portfolio through variable percentage allocation.
  2.     OpenInvesT offers a unique approach to portfolio customization to ensure that the client’s values are truly reflected in their investments. This includes programs such as divesting and defunding the North Dakota Access Pipeline, divesting from companies driving deforestation, and companies whose revenues are linked to the sales of weapons and ammunitions. Through a rigorous screening process, OpenInvest helps their clients support causes such as pro-LGBT rights, support to refugees, and gender equality. Minimum investments are capped at $3,000.
  3.     Gridshare is an independent online funding platform for renewable energy projects and clean tech companies. This company makes financing in clean energy markets and technologies accessible to non-accredited investors with a minimum as low as $100.  While Gridshare allows users to browse investment opportunities free of charge and closes the gap between companies and investors, it usually only has a few offerings at a time due to its narrow focus.
  1.     Earthfolio is a large impact-focused investment platform with one of the widest ranges of ESG criteria available: investments are carefully screened with regards to human rights, environmental and animal welfare impact, community development and equality and diversity, among others. It’s ideal for investors looking for high minimums ($25,000). Although Earthfolio offers a great variety of screening criteria, investors cannot customize their portfolio based on sustainability preferences.
Investing in sustainable industries means taking part in a steadily growing market whose benefits are widely recognized, and millennial investors seem to be driving the change. In a few years, we’ll look back at the business-as-usual of the investment market as an obsolete practice. This might be the best time to consider a change.  
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