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Sustainability is changing the way we design our homes.

There’s no getting around the fact that sustainable design is on the forefront of people’s’ minds, especially when it comes to construction. The ways homes and commercial buildings are built are diffe …

My sustainability – Vanessa Goh

At 26 years old, Vanessa Goh is establishing herself as a leader in the sustainability movement. She’s worked for the PowerSave Schools program under the non-profit the Alliance to Save Energy, where …

The Five Hundred Dollar House

The lowest income truly sustainable housing available today is constructed primarily by earth building – better understood as monolithic adobe. It is what those many old temples, domes and mosks, and …

How To Start Your Own Vertical Garden

Bringing plants into your home is a great way to stay connected to the beauty and energy of nature. Plants breathe life into a space and they can serve as a reminder to appreciate what nature has prov …

Tiny Houses, Big Benefits

  Photo by Christopher Tack via The Tiny Tack House Once upon a time you probably wanted to grow up and live in a castle. Or a mansion. Then a host of “mini McMansions” sprang up across the count …

How do zero-waste grocery stores really work?

As many cities in the U.S. pass bills to ban plastic bags from stores, many eco conscious European cities embrace the idea of a market your ancestors may find familiar. Imagine a grocery store in whic …

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